💰How to earn

We continuously expand the list of supported apps in the Siva engage2earn ecosystem and recommend checking this page regularly to stay informed and avoid missing out.


How to enable it?

Once installed, all community members can immediately start earning through interactions. Invite Siva now and unlock the rewards of active engagement.

How to earn?

1. Write a short message (+20 µSIVA)

Community members are rewarded for writing short messages in allowed channels.

2. Write a long message (+30 µSIVA)

If members put more effort into creating a message, they'll be rewarded with more µSIVA.

3. React to a message from another member (+10 µSIVA)

Considered to be an interaction that doesn't need much time and effort, users are being rewarded only with a small amount of µSIVA for adding a reaction.


How to enable it?

Enter the command /verify-twitter in our Discord server and follow the on-screen instructions.

Upon successful verification of your account, simply copy and paste the URL of the post you wish to claim rewards for. You can do this in the designated #tweet2earn channel, or directly into the provided box when prompted after entering the /tweet2earn command.

SIVA operates independently from your X-Account, eliminating the need for any access permissions. We strongly advise against utilizing bots that require access, as they possess the capability to perform actions on your behalf, including reading/writing DMs, follow/unfollow, and posting. Ensuring the security of our users is paramount to us, and we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and privacy.

Public TweetEarn Rewards

We frequently update the tweet2earn slogan for our members. The most up-to-date slogan information can be found on your /account page, using the QuickAction "Tweet2Earn Rewards". Please don't hesitate to join the Siva Discord and ask us any questions if you need clarification.


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