On this page, you will find step-by-step instructions on creating and setting up your personalized Engage2Earn Discord bot. This includes customizing its avatar, bio, and other branded elements.

We are in the process of updating our documentation. Please note that the images displayed in this tutorial may not accurately reflect the current appearance of the backend. However, rest assured that the process remains the same. As such, we have retained the old guide until the new version is released.

Step 1 - App Settings

To create a custom bot, go to the "Settings | Apps" section, choose "Create App", and select "Discord". In order to generate the necessary Bot Token, you will need to visit the Discord Developer Page, which is conveniently linked within the "Apps > Discord > Create/Update" page when you initiate the creation of your customized Siva bot.

Step 2 - Developer Portal

Click on the "Visit Discord Developer Page" Link to navigate to the Discord Developer Portal. Login or Register with your Discord account, to access your personal Developer Dashboard.

Step 3 - Discord App

Create a new Discord app by clicking on "New Application" in the Discord Developer Portal Dashboard, choose a name for the app, enter your custom bot bio, choose the bot image, and generate the access token for your Bot.

Step 4 - Generate Token

In order to reward long messages, we verify if a message contains more than 20 words. To configure your Discord bot accurately and generate the necessary Discord bot token, follow these steps: Click on the "Bot" menu button within the Discord Developer Portal, scroll down until you locate "MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT," enable the checkbox, and then click on "Save Changes."

Scroll to the top after saving the changes, to generate your Bot token.


Keep the Bot token confidential, safe, and secure!

Treat it like the private key of your crypto wallet.

Step 5 - Activate Token

Return to siva.gg and input the copied Bot token within the "Settings | Apps | Create New | Discord" section of the Siva backend. Afterward, click on the blue "Verify App Token" button to proceed.

Hit the "Save App" button, to save and activate your custom bot.

Step 6 - Invite Bot

The final step is to invite your custom bot to your Discord server. To do this, go to your app's settings page and select your Discord bot (the one you've just created). Click on the "Invite Bot" button to send an invitation to your server.

As a final step, you need to remove the free Siva bot from your server to activate your custom bot - Done โœ… Congratz! Your bot is now fully prepared, allowing you to utilize your own NFTs and Tokens as Rewards and/or Requirements. Please refer to this guide for detailed instructions on setting it up.

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