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Our groundbreaking platform revolutionizes community engagement by rewarding members for their invested time through state-of-the-art micro-incentive technology


to the forefront of innovation.

Dive into the future of blockchain-driven ecosystems where every interaction counts, and every contribution is valued. Our goal? To pioneer the micro-incentivization of human engagements, transforming how communities collaborate and thrive.


Introducing Sivacoin, commonly called SIVA, a sophisticated blockchain-powered Engage-to-Earn Ecosystem meticulously designed to operate seamlessly across Discord, Twitter (tweet2earn), and soon, Telegram. In our ecosystem, users can earn various rewards, spanning cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs, and other valuable reward types, by actively engaging with the community and accruing valuable engagement points. Join us in redefining digital interaction and incentivizing participation on a whole new level.

In addition, Siva provides a unique opportunity for new and existing Web3 projects, such as Play2Earn Games, PFP-Collections DAOs, and Utility NFT-Collections, to expand their user base and distribute their tokens. This feature allows these projects to reach a wider audience and make their ecosystems more accessible.

Siva is designed to be extremely user-friendly and is one of the easiest Web3 products to use. It utilizes the latest Web 2.0+3.0, database, and API technologies to create a seamless ecosystem that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time.


The concept behind Siva is that users can engage with other community members to earn µSIVA on any server with the Siva Discord Bot installed.

When a user has accumulated a certain amount of µSIVA, they can withdraw it into $SIVA tokens, as well as popular cryptocurrencies or coins/tokens from serious KYC'd Web3 projects, directly from the chat window.


Siva Lab's vision extends well beyond the mere microrewarding of digital user interactions. In a world characterized by the proliferation of IoT devices, it is possible to gather engagement data from various sources in a highly efficient manner.

For instance, attending a concert and authenticating oneself via an NFT represents a form of engagement that can be accurately measured.

With Siva, it is even possible to automate the delivery of a t-shirt featuring your favorite band straight to your doorstep.

The ultimate aim of Siva is to incentivize human engagement wherever it is measurable and to provide professional tools for others to do the same.

How it works

By interacting with others on Discord Servers, Twitter, and soon Telegram Groups, users have the opportunity to earn µSIVA. Once they have accumulated enough of this currency (1000 µSIVA = 1 SIVA), they can exchange it for $SIVA tokens, well-known cryptocurrencies, or coins/tokens from reputable KYC’d Web3 projects and businesses.

The process of withdrawing these coins or tokens to an Ethereum wallet address is simple and can be accomplished directly from the chat window of each client. Additionally, NFTs and print-on-demand merchandise will be made available as rewards soon.

To begin earning rewards, users can invite the Siva Bot to their server and engage with others by adding reactions or sending messages. It is worth noting that withdrawing funds to an Ethereum-compatible wallet address requires a Mintpass for the public Siva ecosystem.

Supported Clients

The first community software supported by Siva Bot – Discord – has existed since 2013, has 300 million registered users (150 million active and 15 million daily users), and is backed by a company worth 7 billion dollars.

According to Venture Beat, 850 million messages are sent daily, six billion each week, and 25 billion every month on Discord. With ~7 million registered servers and a peak of 10.6 million concurrent users.

SIVA plans to support more clients, like Telegram, YouTube, and Twitch (see Market Analysis). Our API-centric approach allows for fast development and implementation of new clients.


As users engage with other members, they are rewarded with a certain amount of µSIVA based on the type and level of interaction, such as adding a reaction or sending a message.

The amount of µSIVA rewarded is also determined by the user's security score and active boosters, with the range of rewards varying from +1 µSIVA to +20 µSIVA for adding a reaction to a message within the same community.


Deploying the Siva Engage2Earn Ecosystem to a new server, takes only two simple steps and less than a minute, as everything works out of the box:

  1. Invite Siva Bot to the new server by clicking on the invite link on our website

  2. Make a first engagement as the Discord owner or administrator to initialize the database


A random cooldown time after each valid engagement, denying further µSIVA gains within the given period prevents excessive exploitation. The timer can be governed by SIVA Token holders to adapt to different market situations.

Team Benefits

In addition to individual users earning µSIVA, servers are also entitled to a portion of every µSIVA earned by their members. The concept is intended to offer a novel and innovative source of revenue for server administrators and moderators, who traditionally have had to be compensated for their services, leading many to work on a voluntary or pro bono basis.


There is no project similar to SIVA, and even those that come close typically choose to create their social network from scratch. SIVA Labs, on the other hand, takes a different approach by utilizing the already-established communities of Discord, X, and Telegram for its ecosystem, and by providing various benefits for communities in general (such as a free level bot, an engage-to-earn model, and new engagement-boosting opportunities).

In the Siva ecosystem, the equivalent of "miners" are essentially the community members of each server who implement the Siva bot. In this sense, each community server can be viewed as a distinct "mining pool," although the terminology "mining" is not precisely accurate from a technical standpoint.

Mintpass Starter Edition

Utility: Access Key to Web3 and+2 µSIVA for engagements. Access to the Minters Club, our exclusive Discord Channel, where contributors and team members meet and hang out.

To buy on OpenSea and mintable on our website, with unlimited supply.


Technology-wise, the Sivacoin Ecosystem consists of sophisticated Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Micro-Services – combining the best of both worlds. SIVA Labs’ has built a high-performance, scalable, business-grade IT Infrastructure, hosted on industry-leading secure and reliable providers and the decentralized Polygon blockchain, to guarantee rock-solid operations of all systems.

After two months of successfully testing the alpha version of the ecosystem, the project has now launched its production-ready beta version on the Polygon Mainnet.

Data Disclaimer

In no point in time does nor will SIVA ever collect or sell user data. Both founders are from Germany and have to adhere to world’s most strict government laws and regulations regarding privacy standards. Sivacoin is fully GDPR compliant and never stores privacy-related data of its users. Only partial data required to provide the Sivacoin services are stored in our database

Whitelabel Solution

Holders of the Founder Pass can personalize the Siva ecosystem to their preferences, including all existing and forthcoming supported applications and features.

NFT projects and enterprises can utilize their NFTs and tokens as both, incentives and prerequisites. The modular structure facilitates numerous intriguing gamification and reward mechanisms.

Mintpass Founder Edition

Utility: Unlock the full potential of Siva, by creating your whitelabeled solution of our ecosystem + License to withdraw, and +5 µSIVA for engagements. Limited to 5.000 NFTs. Access to our Minters-Club and Founders channels.

To buy on OpenSea and mintable on our website until max supply is reached. SIVA Token holders can vote to raise the maximum supply.


All funds obtained from initial token offerings and Mintpass sales will be wholly allocated to the development, promotion, operation, and expansion of our unique Engage2Earn Ecosystem.

SIVA operates with a diversified revenue model, ensuring sustainable growth and ongoing development of the Engage2Earn Ecosystem. The primary revenue streams include:

  1. Monthly Subscription Plans: Project founders have the option to subscribe to monthly plans offering higher rewards, premium features, and benefits within the SIVA ecosystem. These subscription fees contribute to the steady income generation of the platform.

  2. NFT Starter Pass and Founder Pass Sales: The sale of NFT Starter Passes and Founder Passes provides a one-time revenue boost, granting users access to exclusive features and benefits.

  3. Transaction Fees: SIVA imposes a 3% transaction fee on all SIVA token transactions. Of this, 1% is earmarked for the further development of the company, enhancement of tools, and expansion of the ecosystem. This fee structure ensures ongoing support for the growth and sustainability of the platform.

These revenue streams collectively contribute to the financial health and continuous advancement of SIVA, enabling us to innovate, expand, and deliver exceptional value to our users and stakeholders.


Jörn Szech

Co-Founder, Lead Developer, CTO

Prays the Code of Practice for Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27002). Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the IT industry and former KPMG Security Auditor (IRM). Fulltime SIVA Labs lead developer and CG artist.

Lars Szech

Co-Founder, Public Relations, CFO Actively involved in the crypto-space for 10 years and experienced IT consultant with roots in Atari 2400 and C64. His strong social and marketing skills are now 100% dedicated to the growth and development of SIVA Labs and the Sivacoin Ecosystem.

Justin Ondruch

System Administrator Soon to be the first employee working full-time for SIVA Labs to complete our DevOps Team. Breathes TCP/IP, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Ryan Brosinsky

Blockchain Analytics Provides valuable insights and advice on DeFi, NFTs, crypto and wallet analytics, tokenomics, AI, and on-chain asset management.

Siva - The Mascot

Guard dog and engagement expert

Malinois are known for their extreme, sometimes over-thetop liveliness. Siva is a beautiful Groenendael and crazy for engagements since she was a little puppy.


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