Unique Engage-to-Earn Ecosystem and Discord-Level-Bot powered by Polygon Technology.


The term Engage-to-Earn (or Engage2Earn, E2E) describes the process of rewarding users for engaging/interacting with other users in digital communities.
In our case, rewards can be popular Cryptocurrencies or Web3 Coins and Tokens from serious KYC'd projects, by interacting in Discord communities.
"We believe freedom is key when it comes to leveling in a community and accessibility is key when it comes to cryptocurrencies. SIVA is a free Discord-Level-Bot combined with the easiest-to-use Blockchain Project you'll ever see." - Ew0x Labs

Collaborations 💜

For us (the Siva Team), collaborations are more than just business opportunities, our collaborators are friends. We support our friends in all areas, like blockchain development, tokenomics, marketing, motivation, mental health and many more. Please feel free to join our Discord server if you are interested - let's have a good time and support each other.
More information about the requirements a project must met to become a Partner and start to distribute Tokens, Coins or NFTs through our Engage2Earn Ecosystem will be published here soon.
Last modified 7mo ago