๐Ÿ’ณStarter & Founder Pass

Access a growing list of serious, KYC'd Web3 projects.

Your Access Card to Web3

By making a single purchase, you gain exclusive access to a wide range of Coins and Tokens from exciting new and established projects. These projects have undergone thorough approval and verification processes by the esteemed SIVA Labs Team.

As a user, you have the freedom to withdraw these Coins and Tokens and immediately participate in the selected project's ecosystem, such as engaging in Play2Earn Games. This creates a unique win-win situation, benefiting all parties involved.

How to get a Pass?

Starter Mintpass and Founder Mintpass NFTs can be minted on our official minting page or purchased on OpenSea. Both bring various unique utilities to their owners.

Starter Mintpass

Benefits for Holders:

  1. Enables /withdraw functionality

  2. +2 ยตSIVA for engagements (earn more for holding more)

  3. Eligible for airdrops and exclusive incentives

Founder Mintpass

Benefits for Holders

  1. Enables the whitelabel solution

  2. Enables /withdraw functionality

  3. +5 ยตSIVA for engagements

  4. Airdrop of not-yet-revealed amount $SIVA after launch (to reward your community with)

  5. Use all current and future features for free - forever

  6. Airdrop/Freemint of sth. undisclosed

  7. 1% Revenue Share from all $SIVA transactions

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