Types of Engagements

The amount of µSIVA earned per engagement depends on the user's account age, enabled MFA, profile completeness, Mintpass ownership and activation, guild member count, guild age and many more metrics.
We took considerable measures, to make the SIVA experience secure and fair for everyone. Feel free to join our Discord, if you have any questions.

1. Short Message

The first type of engagement is writing a short message.
Earned amount: 20 µSIVA*
Example: Hi, how are you my friend?

2. Long Message

The second engagement type is writing messages with more content.
Amount earned: 30 µSIVA*
Example: Hi, how are you my friend? Did you know, you can now earn crypto currencies and tokens for real projects, simply by interacting on Discord? You always wanted to checkout Hanzo and Knights & Peasants, that's a great opportunity to try them!

3. Add Reaction

Members can add a reaction to a message written by other community members.
Amount earned: 10 µSIVA*
Example: Other member: Hi, how are you my friend? You reacted with: 👍
We examine possibilities to earn for voice engagements too.