Whitelabel Solution

On this page, you will find information on how to activate the Whitelabel solution, allowing you to use your own NFTs and/or tokens as rewards and requirements.

Step 1

Install the free Siva public bot, to initialize the Engage2Earn system. Please follow this guide on how to install Siva on your Discord.

Step 2

Head over to our website, and choose "Login with Discord".
Always make sure to be returned to our website!
Login page on
Important when loggin in with Discord

Step 3

Upon successfully logging in with Discord, simply click on the "My Projects" menu button to access the overview of your available projects. Select your project to go to its Dashboard page.
My Projects page in the backend
Project Dashboard in the Backend

Step 4

Navigate to the project settings and provide the wallet address that holds a Founder Pass.
Dashboard and Settings
Project settings in the Backend
To enable the Whitelabel solution, input the name of your project and the wallet address that holds the Siva Founder Pass. Save the changes by selecting "Update Project" to finalize the process.
Sucessfully upgraded to Premium Project

Step 5

The Dashboard will automatically reveal all unlocked Premium features. Congratulations! You are now prepared to configure your Discord bot, set up your leveling system, daily rewards, and create customized Requirements and Rewards for various Engagement Types. Let your creativity flourish as you enhance your community's engagement experience with the Siva Engage2Earn tools.
Dashboard of the enabled Premium Whitelabel Solution
Last modified 7mo ago