How to earn

As soon as the Siva Discord Bot has landed on your server, all community members can instantly start to earn µSIVA by interacting with each other.

1. Write a short message (+20 µSIVA)

Community members are rewarded for writing short messages in allowed channels.

2. Write a long message (+30 µSIVA)

If members put more effort into creating a message, they'll be rewarded with more µSIVA.

3. React to message from another member (+10 µSIVA)

Considered to be an interaction which doesn't need much time and effort, users are being rewarded only with a small amount of µSIVA for adding a reaction.

4. Receiving reactions to a message (+5 µSIVA, max. 100x)

Good content must be rewarded! If other community members like what a user wrote, the author will be rewarded for the first 100 reactions.
The amount of µSIVA earned per engagement depends on the user's account age, enabled MFA, profile completeness, Mintpass ownership and activation, guild member count, guild age and many more metrics.
We took considerable measures, to make the SIVA experience secure and fair for everyone. Feel free to join our Discord, if you have any questions.