Tokens (ERC20)

Add ERC20 tokens, including your own, your partner's, or your collaborator's tokens, that appear in the balance command and can be withdrawn by your community members.

Add ERC20 Token

To incorporate a new token into the Engage2Earn ecosystem, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Add ERC20 Token" button.

  2. Enter all the necessary details as described below.

  3. Click the "Verify Token Data" button.

  4. After successful verification, the "Save ERC20 Token" button will be enabled, allowing you to save the token.

By following this process, you can seamlessly add a new ERC20 token to the E2E ecosystem.


  • Is Enabled? Toggle off the checkbox to disable a token, removing it from all commands. Remember to click "Save" to apply and make the changes permanent.

  • Is Partner Token If you're looking to increase the exposure of your token, you can take advantage of our free public Siva Engage2Earn Ecosystem. By participating, you'll have the opportunity to reach a diverse community of tens of thousands of users across numerous servers worldwide, with a strong focus on Web3. It's a great way to promote your token and expand its visibility. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Discover the steps to become a partner.

  • Is Native Currency If the checkbox is selected, there is no requirement to enter a contract address since we take care of all the necessary operations in the background. This option is ideal for offering native tokens (such as $MATIC or $BNB) as withdrawal choices or as part of the requirements for earning rewards for your community members.

ERC20 Token Address

To add an ERC20 token to your project, provide the smart contract address in the designated field. If the "Is Native?" option is enabled, this input box will not be displayed.


We are gradually integrating all 16 supported blockchains into Siva's platform, one by one.

Please choose the specific blockchain on which the token you wish to add is deployed. Additionally, stay tuned for future updates as we continue to explore and integrate new blockchain networks into our system.

Engagement-Point Multiplier

The Engagement-Point Multiplier holds significant importance! within the Siva platform as it determines the token-to-Engagement Point (EP) ratio. This value specifies the number of tokens equivalent to 1 EP. For instance, in the case of the $SIVA token, the multiplier is set to 0.001, indicating that members require a minimum of 1000 EP to withdraw 1 $SIVA. Similarly, for POLYDOGE, the multiplier is set to 100, resulting in 1 EP being equivalent to 100 POLYDOGE. This mechanism allows you to precisely control the token amounts received by your community members during the withdrawal process.

Minimum Payout Amount

The Minimum Payout Amount refers to the minimum number of Engagement Points (EP) required to initiate a token withdrawal. For Siva, the minimum amount is set at 1000 EP, ensuring that members can withdraw a minimum of 1000 EP. Taking into account the Engagement-Points Multiplier of 0.001, this equates to a minimum withdrawal of 1 $SIVA.

Update ERC20 Token

To update an ERC20 token, use the following steps:

  1. Find the token contract in the list of your contracts and choose it to access the editing screen.

  2. Modify the token details as needed.

  3. Validate the updated data by clicking the blue "Verify Token Data" button.

  4. Finally, click the green "Update ERC20 Token" button to save and apply the changes.

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